DNS Servers

Date: April 23rd, 2012 | Category: Domain Support, Featured, Hosting Support

Biz-Web.ca/Xqqme.comĀ  has 6 nameservers to ensure redundancy for domain name hosted with our service.

When registering a domain name or transferring a domain name to be hosted with us, set your dns servers to:

ns1.biz-web.ca (ipv4/ipv6)
ns2.biz-web.ca (ipv4/ipv6)
ns3.biz-web.ca (ipv4 only) *

ns1.xqqme.com (ipv4/ipv6)
ns2.xqqme.com (ipv4/ipv6)
ns3.xqqme.com (ipv4 only) *

At minimum use at least 3 of our nameservers, yet we recommend you use all 6.

* ipv6 coming soon.

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